She's been known by many names: Fairy Godmother, The Blue Fairy, The Enchantress... the magical creature who appears when poor humans have needed help and magic most. Or at least she used to. The Fairy has just decided she's retiring.


It's been several years into the "Happily Ever Afters" of the denizens of the Magical Kingdom... and it seems "ever after" is not quite as long as the term would imply. Relationships are being torn apart by lying, philandering, abandoning, and even drug abuse. Is this the result of character flaws? Or of people marrying after they've only exchanged 2 sentences? Or is The Fairy's magic just not strong enough to last?


Shaken with disappointment, The Fairy is making plans to leave the Kingdom once and for all. But before she does depart, the Princesses, Princes, and other citizens want to show The Fairy their appreciation for all she has done by throwing her a smashing Farewell/Retirement party! They may not have the happy endings they expected, but they know they would have been even worse off without the supernatural intervention.


Also, there may still be a way to right this train... maybe the happiness can return... maybe with one last magic wish...

Due to the pandemic we have begun adapting our murder mystery events into Virtual Worlds - this time we're in a "NYC FRIENDS" quarantined world! When you've reserved your spot, we'll send a questionnaire and then assign you a character to portray in our online world/server. A "murder" will occur and you'll have to work out Who Dunnit... unless, of course, you are the murderer... Each event can have a maximum of 15 people participating and lasts about 2.5 hours. We use the platform Discord and you can either play online or via the Discord app. There's a virtual "house" with "rooms" that we move you in and out of so guests can investigate with other participants to find clues and sometimes information that will lead them to other places (emails, phone numbers, social media platforms, etc.) 



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