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She's been known by many names: Fairy Godmother, The Blue Fairy, The Enchantress... the magical creature who appears when poor humans have needed help and magic most. Or at least she used to. The Fairy has just decided she's retiring.


It's been several years into the "Happily Ever Afters" of the denizens of the Magical Kingdom... and it seems "ever after" is not quite as long as the term would imply. Relationships are being torn apart by lying, philandering, abandoning, and even drug abuse. Is this the result of character flaws? Or of people marrying after they've only exchanged 2 sentences? Or is The Fairy's magic just not strong enough to last?


Shaken with disappointment, The Fairy is making plans to leave the Kingdom once and for all. But before she does depart, the Princesses, Princes, and other citizens want to show The Fairy their appreciation for all she has done by throwing her a smashing Farewell/Retirement party! They may not have the happy endings they expected, but they know they would have been even worse off without the supernatural intervention.


Also, there may still be a way to right this train... maybe the happiness can return... maybe with one last magic wish...

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It is late spring in 2020, and like the rest of New York at this time, our Friends have been sheltering in place under the Governor's stay-at-home order. However, The Cabin Fever has hit a peak with this group. Isolation at any time is bad enough, but isolating in May meant missing birthday celebrations for Rachel, Monica and Chandler's adopted twins Erica and Jack, and Ross' son Ben.


As if that wasn't bad enough, Emma Geller-Greene is missing her high school graduation! (Yes, she's really that old now... and yes, YOU are really that old now...) So a secret soiree has been planned at the Geller-Bing residence* to toast these milestones and to prevent quarantine-induced insanity!


After all, one party is better than have four separate get-togethers, right? And it's just family and friends... what's the worst that could happen?

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Welcome, Vampires, to the late 1990s in idyllic Sunnydale, California... Just your average quaint American town located above a "Hellmouth", a place where mystical energies, universes, and alternate realities can converge and collide! 


Recently the newest Vampire Slayer, "the Chosen One," has come to town and has been destroying the dark forces there. Quite the bane to the vampire community! 


But fear not, Dark Creatures, for something truly unprecedented is about to happen. This Slayer has remarkably (and perhaps foolishly?) fallen in love with that which she is sworn to kill... a vampire! And this love has led her to make the ultimate life (and death) decision: The Vampire Slayer is choosing to become a Vampire herself! (People do the strangest things for love.)


Normally, when a Slayer dies, a new Chosen One is called from the long line of women that fate has selected. However, hidden deep in the magical code of these Slayers lies a loophole: If a Slayer turns Vampire before a natural death, the line is broken and there will be a Chosen One no longer.


To complete such a powerful change in the fate of the world, a special "Turning" ritual must be performed. The strength of as many different breeds and families of Vampires is required and thus your attendance has been requested at this special event at the Sunnydale Hellmouth.


Many vampires are coming because they believe the end of the Slayer legacy will give a chance for Vampires and Humans to finally live harmoniously. Other vampires see this as an opportunity to gain a permanent dominion over the Human Race. ...or is this perhaps just an elaborate trap being laid by the most conniving of Slayers? Only one way to find out...

A Marvel-ous Murder

Our storyline takes place after Endgame, the last released Avengers film. 


After defeating Thanos at the Battle of Earth, a large and well-attended funeral took place for the fallen hero Tony Stark AKA Iron Man. It was decided by those closest to him, though, that there should be a smaller "Celebration of Life" for his closest friends and family to properly mourn and support each other.


You will be one of the guests attending this Life Celebration at Tony Stark's Mansion, waited on by Mr. Stark's last invention, his Robo-Maids (AKA Khai and Lauren, your Murder Maids). You are looking forward to seeing old friends and saying good-bye to Iron Man. Hopefully nothing will upset this emotional day....


AMurder Before Christmas

'Twas a week before Christmas when a tradition began,
All the holiday worlds would meet in the Hinterlands

To wish well Santa Claus and his whole Christmas crew

Before they set off on their big holiday to-do.

Well the celebration this year ran out of booze
So over to St. Patrick's Day the partiers did cruise
For the shamrock land never lacks whiskey or beer
And late into the night there was much holiday cheer

With such happy times and high spirits, what could go wrong?
Unfortunately you will all find out before too long
For our holiday icons have much to hide

And by the end of the night someone will have DIED.