Not sure how a Virtual Murder Mystery works? No worries, we'll walk you through the whole thing!


We play all of our mysteries through a platform called Discord. You can play online via their website or through their app. Download the Discord App or register a username to play through your web browser here.


Please note: While you can use discord on a phone or iPad, you will be less likely to have any technical difficulty on a computer. We highly recommend checking out this platform before the event is scheduled to begin.


24hrs before the event, we will send you a link to our specific game server. There will be a welcome greeting and some other text channels you can explore, but you will not be able to text or message on the server until about 10 minutes before the event is scheduled to begin.


When the game begins, more text channels will open up to you. These channels represent the various rooms/areas within where our mystery takes place. Each room/area/channel will either tell you what you are doing there or give you options for things to explore/investigate. (Sometimes your investigations may lead you to websites or other media on the internet!) All communication is done via text in the various channels; no video or audio channels will be used. Each room/location is a text channel. When you have access to a room, it will appear on the left side of the screen (if on a computer) or appear in your options (if on a phone). To get someone's attention specifically, type @ and the character's name. For example: "@Beast" or "@Jasmine" or "@Murder Maid".


An event lasts roughly 2.5 hours with a short break midway through for participants to be able to use a restroom, refill a beverage, etc. We'll write in the text channels or via direct messages to you throughout the event so if you ever get lost, we can guide you. You will also have a specific channel just for your character that will have all your clues and information for your easy reference.

Prices vary. For previously created themes (see here) for 8-15 players we charge $200 with $15 per each additional guest after that. For an original/custom theme for 8-15 players we charge $275 with $15 per additional guest.

Still confused? Schedule a phone/video call with the Murder Maids and we will answer any of your questions!